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Northwind-16-Kevlar/Lite Northwind-16-Kevlar/Lite
Price: $2,595.00

Quantity:  Northwind-16-Kevlar/Lite
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If you want to explore rivers or paddle solo this is the canoe for you. It excels at maneuvering through backwaters and light rapids, yet you can load it for a week-long trip.


Length: 16ft 6in
Length/Width Ratio: 6.2
Width: 32 gw / 36 mx / 32 wl
Sheer: 21 bw / 14 ms / 19 st
Rocker: 2.5 bw / 1.5 st
Weight: 38 StarLite /  43 BlackLite / 50 WhiteGold
6” freeboard: 1000 lbs
Optimal Load: 275-575 lbs
Displacement:    2” WL : 190 lbs
3” WL : 330 lbs
4” WL : 440 lbs
5” WL : 600 lbs

Material Options

Carbon outer, Aramid inner, substantial reinforcements. Combines the stiffness of carbon fiber with the excellent tensile strength of Aramid. The toughest composite available. Expedition tested. Handles moderate whitewater.
Color: Black carbon weave, resin coated.

All Aramid. Our proprietary yellow and black makes a stunning moiré pattern. Foam ribs and internal reinforcements create the lightest weight canoe available. The choice of flat-water outfitters everywhere.
Color: Northstar proprietary Aramid weave, resin coated.

Aramid with fiberglass reinforcements. Economic. Durable. A performance oriented replacement for Royalex.
Color: Spruce or Almond, gel coated.
Aramid is the generic name for Kevlar.

Trim Options


Oiled white ash gunwales; sculpted and laminated black walnut and ash end decks; walnut and ash laminated contoured web seats hung on walnut trusses; walnut and ash laminated thwarts and yoke; stem mounted tie down loops. Laminated black walnut and ash creates a distinctive and refined canoe that is stronger and lighter.


Bronze anodized gunwales, thwarts and grab handles; thermoformed deck plates; ash portage yoke; laminated, contoured web seats hung on ash trusses.



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