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At Carl's Paddlin', we offer a couple of aggressive and unique options to help you sell your boat.

First, if you are looking to sell your boat and would like to get cash ASAP, we may be able to buy it on the spot and hand you a check right away! We are always looking for nice, pre-owned, ready-to-go canoes and kayaks for our customers because nice used boats are hard to find!

If you are looking to maximize the value of your boat, but don't want to have to sell it yourself, our "consignment" program should net you a high value for your boat.

Here is a summation of the advantages of our Consignment Program.

  • You, the seller, is guaranteed a set value for the boa! No Need to call or be bothered every time an offer is made.

Other Advantages of having your boat Sold (or buying a used boat) through Carl's Paddlin'

  • We will complete a detailed Inspection on the boat before listing it for sale, making sure that it is in great working order before being sold.
  • It will be marketed on our website as well as other websites such as Craigslist and Facebook.
  • This Inspection is being performed by one of North America's Top Paddling Experts, thus giving the evaluation more credibility and value.

So, by letting Carl's Paddlin' sell your boat, there are some distinct advantages to the buyer that adds to the value, which in turn, helps fetch a higher selling price. These advantages, in almost every case, can bump the value above what you'd sell it for on your own ... and without the hassle!

Contact us today! (608) 583-2405 and we'll get your boat sold!



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