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A little introduction is needed.

It was a calm evening on Lake Superior. The then junior high school student, Carl Busjahn, was allowed to take the family canoe out for a short paddle by himself.  As he slowly and carefully poked about the graceful, sculpted sandstone lake near the village campground at Washburn, Wisconsin, he formed his first memory of really enjoying the feeling of a paddle blade in the water, somewhat in control of the canoe.

In a few short years he would be opening his first paddling business, Carl's Canoes, based out of the barn on the family farm in rural Brodhead, Wisconsin. The children and grandchildren of the family friends that bought the first canoe from Carl are still using them as of today. They are the same designs as his first canoe, A Sawyer Cruiser. And now 45 years later, still one of his favorite designs.

His passion for paddling and exploring other cultures has given him the opportunity to experience the locally available paddle-craft in places as diverse as Lake Le-aqua-na (at one time, his grandfather's cow pasture) in a State park in northern Illinois by the same name, to Lake Dal in Srinagar, Kashmir, northern India.

Carl's lifelong goal is to keep learning a little more about paddling every day, and to reinforce that learning by sharing the knowledge. He believes passionately that people everywhere need to be working towards solving the sustainability puzzle on this fortunate living planet. Paddling lifestyles is his chosen piece of that puzzle to work on.

See you on shore!


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