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Boating is Great For Health
Boating is Great For Health
by Mary Zitlow

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When you love boating, you don't always think about how it's great for health too.

There's something about being on the water that breaks us free from the pressures and concerns of everyday life.

It's physical and obvious that we sever our connection with our everyday concerns as soon as we leave shore. You experience these benefits of boating whether you love motoring, sailing, rowing or paddling a kayak.

When I need to get away from the pressures of life, the clutter and all the noise, there is no better way to stay healthy than kayaking. Why do I say that?

I read about a study recently that showed going for a walk in a park or just getting out in nature is a better way to calm the nervous system than going for a walk on a city street. For us boaters, it's getting on the water.

A group I led recently on a kayaking trip thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We got to see some wildlife - eagles, seals, starfish and a moon snail. We explored several islands, ate our lunch on one, and then headed back to one last island that had intrigued us earlier.

We pulled our kayaks up onto a perfect, peaceful little beach. The birds were twittering happily in the forest nearby, the sun warmed out bodies, the water lapped gently at the edge of the beach, and it was just so peaceful and calming I didn't want to leave.

"It doesn't get much better than this," commented one of our group members. We all agreed whole-heartedly. I have been kayaking for more than 15 years in the waters of the Pacific ocean near our home and I never get tired of it. Being at one with the ocean, coasting on gentle swells is like being rocked by the hand of God.

I come home with such a sense of peace and happiness. I believe that being in nature nurtures us with a sense of peace that we can't get anywhere else. You are rejuvenated and ready again to tackle the demands that life gives you. Even if you can't go kayaking (but I highly recommend you try it), get out in nature at least once a week, more if you can.

Combine boating trips with exploring a little island, if possible. For a natural solution from nature, there's no better choice than spending time on the water.


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